…hard work and tenacity paid off.


e PearceIn his own words, Stevan Pearce describes his amazing journey and the events that shaped his life from an extremely humble beginning on a tiny hardscrabble farm to owning a company in the oil industry of southern New Mexico to being elected to the U.S. Congress. But as remarkable as his success story is, it is merely the backdrop to the transformation of his life what was going on behind the scenes.  This book is his personal story of overcoming a life riddled with overwhelming insecurities and fears, introversion and shyness, the embarrassment of poverty, and a lack of vision to see what other children seem to see naturally. “The real story is my fight to overcome these internal obstacles, a fight I found far more difficult than overcoming the ones placed in my life by external forces.  For so long, I kept myself locked in a cell of fear, unable to move from where I was to where I wanted to be.  But the doors that restrain us, I’ve found, are seldom locked.  With a little push, they swing wide to welcome a life we never imagined.  If just one person pushes at those closed doors, then this book and this story will be worthwhile.”